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Dan Gentile Antique Restoration

Over 40 years of experience in antique furniture and fine furniture construction. Learn more...

Our Clients Speak

We have been working with clients around the world

“Gregg’s repaired and reupholstered an antique chair for us. The finished product exceeded our expectations for both the quality of the repair and upholstery. They are busy so don’t be in a hurry. But they delivered in the timeframe stated upfront. They also have an expansive selection of fabrics to choose from.”


“We just had a sofa, love seat and eight dining room chairs recovered at Greggs . Sales staff were helpful with material choices. The material and work is outstanding. They bent over backwards to be accommodating as we were moving. Picked up furniture before the move and returned it after we had moved in. David was pleasant and kept in touch. I would highly recommend this company and would use them again.”

Victoria, BC