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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have a query that has not been addressed in this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your decor is our business! We offer fine custom furniture, and made to order furniture from our partners Fine Future Furniture, Hekman, Boca Rattan, Leather Living, Marshfield Furniture, Best Home Furnishings & Birchwood Furniture. As well, we offer craftsman-standard upholstery, innovative furniture redesign, and stunning window treatments. Anchored by our generous fabric selection, Greggs' impressive range of decor products and services have been created with your contemporary lifestyle in mind.

Whether your taste is cutting edge modern or elegantly traditional, Greggs has it all for you! For over 50 years we have helped Victorians create furnishings for the heart of the home and the command centre of any business.

Choice and quality are Greggs hallmarks. At Greggs you have so much choice. Our customers can choose from several full product lines. And there are thousands of wonderful fabrics at different price levels to choose from. You can choose exactly the style of furnishings you like, made to fit your personal specifications. You can get creative with contrast piping, different patterns on cushions or whatever you wish. The possibilities are endless.

At Greggs discover fine quality hardwood frames, craftsman construction, beautiful sewing and custom design. Expect time-tested quality: our wonderful staff has literally hundreds of years of experience under their belts. From seamstresses to furniture building craftsmen to showroom professionals, at Greggs all our staff aim for excellence.

Greggs customers benefit from both extensive product choice and from the talents of our friendly, experienced staff of professionals and craftspeople. We'll help you to choose the best fabric and style for you and your individual tastes and needs. Our products are a tailor-made solution to your decorating problems.

This depends on the product type and the fabric chosen.

  • Upholstery & slipcovers take about 10 working days to complete, once the fabric arrives from our trusted supplier and the furniture is picked up from your home.
  • Custom furniture usually takes 6-12 weeks.
  • Window treatments are usually ready in 3-4 weeks.

If a customer has a specific requested date we will always try to accommodate that.

Talk to us about your requirements. We're happy to help!

Absolutely! Our customers are friends who we welcome into our workshop studio. You can watch your furniture being built and see the craftsmanship and fine materials involved.

Our prices are very competitive relative to other furnishings of comparable standard. With Greggs you always get quality products and professional workmanship. We are happy to provide several pricing options depending on the quality of the fabric used. Ask for a free estimate. We'd be happy to show you our products in a range of prices.

Greggs is synonymous with quality and good quality starts from the inside. In all its hand-built furniture Greggs uses real B.C. wood, handpicked from mills around the province. Kiln-dried alder, spruce and maple are all used. The high standard of our upholstery and window treatments is obvious: straight seams and good pattern repeats on quality fabric. It's easy to see that our fine products are made by craftspeople who take pride in their work and pay attention to detail! Quality shows.

These days a lot of mass-produced furniture is just not good quality. Construction is poor. Cheap materials are used both for fabric and frame. Unfortunately, this makes for "throwaway furniture". We have a cure for that!

Greggs is the best medicine for furniture ills. At Greggs you enter a world of quality, durability and value. Choosing quality furniture is a statement about you, your taste and your lifestyle. Express your good taste with Greggs.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our hardwood construction.

That's right! Every piece of custom furniture ordered at Greggs is hand crafted right here in our wonderful Victoria workshop. Unlike some other shops, we do not contract out custom furniture work. This gives us quality control over every single item we create for your home or business.

All estimates are free of charge - and we provide this service with a smile! We are happy to provide in-home estimates and measurement. Or, if you prefer, email us a few digital photographs and we will email you back an estimate free of charge!

We are happy to pick up your furniture and deliver the beautiful finished product to your home or business. This order is free of charge with a minimum order.

Greggs offers free delivery on Southern Vancouver island with a minimum order. On smaller orders, delivery can be arranged for a small fee. Delivery can also easily be arranged for anywhere on Vancouver island or the Lower Mainland for a minimal charge.

When you place your minimum order with Greggs you're entitled to use our "Coordinated Design Service" to help plan your decorating project. Let Greggs professionals erase your design worries and help you create the place of your dreams.